Monday, May 22, 2006

The Da Vinci Code - Strictly OK

Watched The Da Vinci Code last Friday, yup, caught it first day – first show! I am not gonna do a full-fledged review here but will just pass my thoughts on it. I havn’t read the book and all the popularity, best-seller tag, hype and hoopla associated with it definitely increased my curiosity in the movie, and coming from Ron Howard who has given wonderful movies like Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Far and Away and with Tom Hanks as lead, I knew I was not gonna miss this one.

I have to say, the movie disappointed me. Its not that bad, but its not that great either. I felt like I was watching a treasure hunt game with a few villains thrown in. For those who havn’t read the book, the story goes something like this – The opening scene shows the murder of the curator of the Louvre Museum (the one with Mona Lisa) in Paris and Dr. Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), Professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University is summoned to solve this murder mystery. Before dying, the curator has written some cryptic text and numbers on the floor. His granddaughter, Sophie Neveu(Audrey Tautou) is a cryptologist and she is also in the case. The rest of the story is how Langdon and Sophie go about solving the puzzle left behind by her grandfather. The links leads them to Scotland and England .They are chased all the way by cops, who suspect Langdon for the murder, and enemies trying to prevent them from finding out the secret which they believe will have deep impact on the standings of the church.

In my opinion the basic problem is the attempt to squeeze in the long series of clues into a two-and-half hour movie. There were quite a few missing links(or did I sleep in between :-D) and the ease with which Langdon solves some of the puzzles was just not convincing. Performance-wise I think Tom Hanks was simply too good. His part was very convincing. Paul Bettany as Silas also deserves special mention. The rest were just OK. Jean Reno(Yes, how can he not be there in a movie set in France) didn’t have anything significant. French actress Audrey Tautou is so and so.

All in all, go watch if you loved the book or really wanna watch it. You wont miss anything even if you wont.


Blogger Pooja said...

Ah, so I did the same thing. First day first show...and in one word my feedback is disappointment.

In the movie every time they refer to history [knights templar etc], it seemed like a documentary. They could have definitely done a better job flitting in n outta history throughout.

And ofcourse, the feeling when you read the book is completely lost when you watch the movie. Whil eon one henad we know it is horribly difficult to make such a book into a movie, on the other hand when they do so, we all expect it to live upto expectations.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Happy-Go-Lucky said...

Yeah, totally agree with you.
By the way, thanks for dropping by, you know what you are the 1st person to comment in this blog!

congrats! :-)

11:16 PM  

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