Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Wonder Years (Childhood Files – Part 01)

I was in first grade and this friend of mine tells me about this absolutely fascinating thing called magnet. I don’t remember his name, actually he wasn’t a great friend, just a classmate who happens to sit behind me in class. I was totally hooked on to this cool new thing even before I had seen it.

“You mean it can stick onto anything?”

“Yeah! Most of the things, but somethings like wood don’t stick”

“Can I see it?”

“I have two of those, I can give you one”

“Wow! Thanks!”

“But what will you give me in return?”

I didn’t know what to say. Cunning guy, he must be a deal-broker now. I thought for a moment and then said:

“I have a car.”

“What color is it?”

“Its big and blue and red. It goes in circles and lights start flashing. And its foreign.”

“Foreign matlab?”

“I don’t know, but my uncle gave me. Mom said he’s also foreign.”

“O.K come to the park in the evening with the car. I will give you the magnet there.”

Later that afternoon, when I told my parents about my deal, they were visibly upset. I don’t exactly remember what dad said to mom, but it was something to this effect:

“Looks like he’s got your genes”

Mom was more considerate.

“Look Beta, this car is foreign and your uncle has brought it to you from Kuwait. You don’t give away such expensive things for a silly magnet”

Silly magnet? Do they even know what a magnet is? It sticks onto anything! And I am so bored of this car, I don’t need it anymore.

But being the meek that I was, I didn’t protest. Dad said that he’ll get me a magnet but I knew he wont. Two months back he had promised a cricket bat with Kapil Dev’s photo on it. I am still waiting.

But surprise of surprises! He did bring one! The next afternoon, I was just lying on the bed. He came into the room with a smile on his face, took something from his pocket and threw onto the bed. It was big, black, round and it had got dad’s keys stuck on it. Wow! It really can stick things.

I stuck it on the iron rod of the mosquito net above and Voila! It stuck up there!
Magnet really sticks!


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