Friday, September 15, 2006

He's back.

The little master's back with a bang!

The cherubic face has given way to a “been there, done that” experienced veteran kind of look. Sixteen years of tireless actions has meant that his body is more prone to injuries and break-downs, as evident in the heart-breaking long injury lay offs he's been having these days. But boy aren't these long waits worth their worth in gold when he comes up with jems like this.

The 141 n.o of 148 balls had S A C H I N stamp all over it. Watching it was sheer unbridled joy. The overcast background and a smallish crowd cheering at the top of their voice made the whole atmosphere so romantic and classic in style. And the imposing sixes over long off towards the end overs were perfect finale to a memorable knock. Thanks a ton, Sachin! For giving another memorable day of cricket-watching to remember in the years to come.

Only if Duckworth and Lewis had little more cricketing sense... *Gasp*


Anonymous maddy said...

ok fine, so what did the little master do today against the aussies? got shewag out, committed the cardinal sin of running with his back to the fielder and got out next swishing away from his body- long way to go still.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Happy-Go-Lucky said...

maddy, I knew someone wud comment along these lines if he fails in the next match. Yeah, he's not the same Sachin of mid-90s. But that innings really took me back to those heady days when he used to just decimate the oppn bowling. Thats what I wanted to express.

8:52 PM  

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