Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We are Nerds. We are like this only

One friday evening, on his way back from office, Nerd # 1 loses his way and enters a strip club mistaking it for library. After three long hours, he comes out and drives back home – fast and furious. The expression on his face varying between extreme bliss and tragic agony. He rushes in home and finds Nerd # 2 debugging some C++ project on his laptop. Nerd # 1 swaggers up to him and says:

“Dude, you know there’s a world out there?”

Nerd # 2 doesn’t respond, keeps working.

“You asshole! Life is not just about C , C++”

Without lifting his head up, Nerd # 2 replies:

“Yeah I know, that’s why I have started learning C#”

For all you nerds out there, all is not lost yet. There is hope.

PS : Thanks Sankar(Nerd # 2), for this nerdy inspiration.


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